About me

Born in 1972 in Schüpfen in the Bernese Seeland, I grew up on my parents' farm with my two older brothers and sisters. I did an apprenticeship to be a gardener and in 1996 I successfully completed my professional baccalaureate. Up until then there was no indication to suggest that I would ever make a living as a mountain guide in my later life.

My travel virus became apparent in 1991 when I walked all across Scandinavia with a friend, returning to Switzerland via Russia. Longer trips that followed took me around Europe, to Egypt and to South Africa. However, at our doorstep in the Alps, I fell in love with the mountains.

In 1999, while I was cycling across Africa for ten months, I decided to tackle the training courses to be a mountain guide. The same year, I went on my first expedition to Peru. The following years were centred around the guiding training units. In 2004 I successfully obtained my diploma. In 2008, I completed the studies to be an adult educator (SVEB1) at Magglingen.

My passion about far-away countries and the unknown in general is alive as ever: be it on mountaineering expeditions to nearly all continents, on cycling trips in Madagascar, India/Bangladesh, or searching for spots in the alps that are still undiscovered.

Since summer 2009 I have been the father of a daughter - a totally new world is opening up yet again ...